Leaving Facebook Personal Challenge

Facebook long lost it’s appeal to me. There were times I would find myself mindlessly scrolling just to try to see new stuff.

I’m strange and I don’t particularly like memes clogging up my feed and the security breeches have had me a bit on edge.

On top of being morally against a lot of what Facebook stands for, I found myself wanting to smoke more when I scrolled through the politics in the feed (I keep my business separated from politics and I had my business name on my profile, so I kept political beliefs to myself) and it gets stressful when you see so much political misinformation posted by people you care about..

It also wasted time. Unless I was talking to people on messenger (I gave them my phone number before deleting), I was wasting time. I still have a business page that is under control from my husband’s account, but I rarely post.

I find Twitter and Instagram are better platforms for writers and creative business owners (IG is owned by Facebook, so I guess it’s not that great but they’re better than Facebook)

I’ve tried to quit a few times but always ran back, so this time I created a brand new email. I didn’t attach the e-mail to anything else and created a password I would never know.

I then changed Facebook to the same password, changed and deleted my email address and set both up to delete.

it may seem extreme but I tested and neither account are able to get revived so it will be deleted by the middle of this coming month.

One week in, I still talk to the same people I messaged. I just talk via text. I also won’t be going back with any other email accounts.

I have checked on my business page and read through news briefly on my husband’s phone, but I don’t take time to read comments nor do I miss the site nearly as much as I thought I would.


Anyone else realize they were addicted to Facebook and decide to give it up cold turkey?

How was your experience?